About Goldenhill

Founded in 2009, GoldenHill has developed from a couple of men’s belief in the power of sales and marketing, professional training, and personal development to an international workplace that focuses on improving the performance of Government Agencies, Corporations, Teams and Individuals.

Through training, GoldenHill is dedicated to serve the business community worldwide by emphasizing on practical principles that offer the proficiencies, abilities and practices needed to add value to any business or individual.

GoldenHill is a premier provider of professional consultancy and training in leadership, team engagement, human resources, marketing, sales, process improvement and much more. GoldenHill also gives professionals a unique opportunity to evolve, deepen and broaden their practical knowledge and abilities through variable, customized and flexible concentrated seminars and courses.

GoldenHill is specialized in marketing, design and public relations with a long history and experience in illuminating brands through a mix of strategic insight and artistic excellence.

GoldenHill combines both, marketing consultancy and professional design. This makes the company an integrated strategic and creative firm that not only creates the right strategies for a business but delivers tangible results through well planned and engaging marketing campaigns.

Mission Statement:
“To operate on the principles of continuous quality improvement in order to provide clients with the continuous opportunity for the development and extension of skills, performance and knowledge through high quality consultancy services and high standards of excellence training programs.”